Download Computer Security: Principles and Practice 3rd Edition PDF

Computer Security: Principles and Practice, Third Edition, is worthwhile for courses in Computer/Network Precaution. It also provides a solid, up-to-date reference or self-study tutorial for system engineers, programmers, system managers, network managers, product marketing personnel, system support specialists. 

 In recent years, your need for education in computer security and related topics has grown dramaticallyand important for anyone studying Computer Science or Computer Solutions. This is the only text available to provide integrated, comprehensive, up-to-date coverage with the broad range of topics in this subject. Additionally to an extensive pedagogical program, the book provides unparalleled support for both research and modeling projects, giving students a broader perspective.
It covers all security topics considered Core in the EEE/ACM Computer Science Curriculum. This textbook can be employed to prep for CISSP Certification, and includes in-depth coverage pc Security, Technology and Principles, Software Security, Management Issues, Cryptographic Algorithms, Internet Security and more. 

The Text and Academic Authors Association named Computer Security: Principles and Practice, First Edition, the winner of the Textbook Excellence Award for the best Computer Science textbook of 2007.
Dr. William Stallings has authored 17 titles, and counting revised editions, over 40 9780133773927 pdf on computer security, computer networking, and computer architecture. In over 20 years from the field, he may be a technical contributor, technical manager, too executive with several high-technology firms. Currently he is an independent consultant whose clients include computer and networking manufacturers and customers, software development firms, and leading-edge government research institutions. He's nine times received the award for that best Computer Science textbook of the year from the Text and Academic Authors Association. 

He created and maintains the Computer Science Student Resource Site at This site provides documents and links on a number of subjects of general interest to computer science students (and professionals). He is really a member of the editorial board of Cryptologia , a scholarly journal dedicated to all aspects of cryptology.
Dr. Lawrie Brown is a senior lecturer in the college of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, at the Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW@ADFA) in Canberra, Australia. His professional interests include cryptography, communications and personal computers security, and most recently, the way of safe mobile code environments using the functional language Erlang. He has previously worked to the design and implementation of private key block ciphers, basically the LOKI category of encryption algorithms. He currently teaches courses in computer security, cryptography, data communications and java programming, and conducts workshops in security risk assessment and firewall design.

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